March 2015


Dr. Kevin Blaine Grier



Office Address:           Department of Economics, 440 Cate I

                                        University of Oklahoma 

                                        729 Elm Ave.

                                        Norman OK 73019

                                        405 - 325 - 5842 (fax)



Home Address:           1015 Thistlewood Drive

                                        Norman OK 73072



Personal:                    Born May 7, 1958.

                                      Married to Robin M. Grier.

                                      Fluent in Spanish.


Education:                 B.A., Cedarville College (1979)


                                      M.A., Miami University (1980)


                                      Ph.D., Washington University (1984)



Academic Experience:


President's Associates Presidential Professor, University of Oklahoma, 2010 -

Professor of Economics, University of Oklahoma, 1999 -


             Visiting Professor of Political Science, Duke University, 2005 - 06


             Profesor de la Economía, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

             (CIDE) México D.F. 1997 - 1999


             Professor of Economics & Political Economy, Tulane University

             and Murphy Institute of Political Economy, 1994 - 1997


             Associate Professor of Economics, George Mason University, 1991 - 1994


             Research Associate, Center for Study of Public Choice, 1988 - 1994


             Assistant Professor of Economics, George Mason University, 1984 - 1991


             Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics & Political Science,

             California Institute of Technology, September 1987 - July 1988


 Awards and Honors:


Listed as one of the “Top 1000 Economists” both by publications and citations over the period 1990 - 2000 in a study sponsored by the European Economic Association.

See the following web site:



Included in Who's Who in Economics , (4th Edition, 2003) edited by Mark Blaug and published by Edward Elgar Press, which compiles information on

 "the 1,200 most frequently cited economists, in the years 1990-2000 using the Social Science Citation Index."

Winner of the Duncan Black prize for best paper, Public Choice, 2008.



Publications In Refereed Journals:


Political Fractionalization and Delay in Fiscal Stabilization: A Duration Analysis (w/ Haichun Ye and Shu Lin), Public Choice,forthcoming.

Exchange Rate Shocks and Trade: A Multivariate GARCH-M Approach (w/ Aaron Smallwood), Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 37, 2013, 282-305.

Do High Interest Rates Deter Speculative Attacks? Evidence and Some Theory (w/ Shu Lin), Journal of International Money and Finance, 2010, 29(5): 938-950.

Elections, Exchange Rates & Reform in Latin America (w/ Rodolfo Cermeño and Robin Grier), Journal of Development Economics, 2010, 92(2): 166-174.

Speculative attacks and defenses as a war of attrition: Theory and an example (w/ Shu Lin), European Journal of Political Economy, 2009, 25(4): 540-546.

Trust and Development (w/ Jacob Dearmon), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2009, 71: 210-220.


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Political Regime Change and the Real Interest Rate, (with Tony Caporale),Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, August 2000 p. 320-334.



            Political Cycles in Non-Traditional Settings, Theory and Evidence for Mexico, (with Robin Grier),Journal of Law and Economics, April 2000, 239-263.



The Effects of Uncertainty on Macroeconomic Performance: Bivariate GARCH Evidence, (with Mark Perry), Journal of Applied Econometrics, January-February 2000 p. 45-58.



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  Contributions to Books:


Conditional Heteroskedasticity and Cross-Sectional Dependence in Panel Data: An Empirical Study of Inflation Uncertainty in the G7 countries (with Rodolfo Cermeño) in

Panel Data Econometrics : Theoretical Contributions and Empirical Applications. Badi Baltagi, ed. Elsevier Press, 2006.


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Governments, Unions, and Economic Growth. Chapters 19 - 28 of Governments and Growth. Villy Bergstrom ed. Oxford University Press, 1997 p. 149-202.

Other Professional Activities:


             Co-Editor, Southern Economic Journal. 1997 – 2002

             Associate Editor, Public Choice. 1992 -- 1997 

             Editorial Board, Public Choice. 1997 – 2003

             Editorial Board, Southern Economic Journal. 2002 – 2007 

             Consejo Editorial, El Trimestre Economico 1998 –

             Consejo Editorial, Estudios Economicos 2005 --





Dissertation Committees:


I have been a member of over 30 PhD dissertation committees. A list of the students appears below. A * indicates dissertations where I was heavily involved either as Chair or as a primary advisor.



George Mason University


Wayne Gable

Arthur (Trey) Fleisher*

Lydia Ortega

Richard Grant

Karen Palesek

Michael (Mick) Miller

Fred Oerther*

Jose Cateriano*

Larry McQuillan

Mark Gallagher

David Zorn

Michelle Vachris

Emmanuel Njomo

Tony Caporale*

Michael McDonald*

Laura Thompson*

Mark Perry*

Robert Kourtides

Joseph McGarrity*

Mark Lynner*

Alexander Tabbarok

Barbara McKiernan*


Tulane University


Mark Davis

Guanghi Peng*

Rodrigo Navia*

Fan Zhou


University of Oklahoma


Salaheen Khan*

Rex Pjesky

Jeremy Oller

Shu Lin*

Xiujian Chen*

Haichun Ye*

Luisa Blanco              

Jacob Dearmon*

Xuebing Yang

Chi Wai Chang*

Norman Maynard*

Lord Andzie Quainoo

Beatriz Maldonado-Bird

Brian Piper*

Alex Ufier (in progress)

Ross Hallren* (in progress)

Trey Trosper (in progress)

Souleymane Soumahoro* (in progress)

James Schlaffer (in progress)

Weici Yuan* (in progress)